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Invacare Alber E-Pilot

Power Add-on for manual wheelchairs

The Alber e-pilot is the latest design from a leader in power add on drives. The Alber e-pilot enables your manual wheelchair to transform into a sporty vehicle in a few easy moves.

Use your manual wheelchair in a standard way, or attach your e-pilot for an effortless ride, the choice is yours. Connect to your smartphone and access the smart features to go further and faster. However long your journey, the built-in lithium-ion battery pack gives more range – up to 50km, allowing more flexibility in your choice of outdoor pursuits. 

High speed and great looks were the goals of the e-pilot’s designers. I think you’ll agree – they delivered on both counts.

At Oakham Mobility & Healthcare we have a large carefully selected range of manual wheelchair power add-ons, with plenty of choices of colours, speed and style. Also available are off road and high powered models for the intrepid. Also check out the Klaxon Klick Electric and the Triride for more styles and gadgetry.

Power add-ons for manual wheelchairs are a fantastic new innovation in powered mobility


Great fun to use


Fits most manual wheelchairs


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


Quick and easy to connect


Easy to transport

The e-pilot is the perfect power add-on for active wheelchairs, giving riders an enjoyable, adaptable solution to maintaining an active lifestyle. The e-pilot power add-on will take you further, faster. A convenient and fun way to enjoy any outdoor activity.

More Features with Smartphone App

With the Mobility Plus Package & App, e-pilot users gain access to a range of useful features. Connect your smartphone to the e-pilot to take advantage of EasyNavi – the wheelchair-friendly navigation system. Also gain a speed increase of up to 20km/h as well as the cruise control function for a very comfortable drive experience.

How does the e-pilot attach to the wheelchair?

  1. Pull in and lock into position
  2. Press forward to lock into position and go.

Transform your wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps. Whether it‘s a quick trip into town, a catch up with friends or heading out with the dog, the e-pilot makes it happen with minimal effort. Wherever your destination, simply undock the e-pilot and continue with your day.

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Your Self Propelled Wheelchair

Technical Specs

User weight Max 100kg
Permissible total weight Max 135kg
Climbing capability up to 10 %
Braking capability up to 15 %
Speed 0.5-20km/h. Standard speed 6 or 10 km/h
Max distance (depending on user weight, terrain & temperature Up to 50km
Total weight 18.4kg

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