The Klaxon Klick Electric series of power add-ons feature the worldwide patented Klick Linking System.  The design makes it quick and easy to attach to your self propelled wheelchair.

The Klaxon Klick Electric is light and easy to handle, the base model Klick Electric weighing in at only 7.9kg without the 11 Ah 36v Lithium battery. It can handle a journey of up to 50km on a single charge, depending on terrain, speed and land relief. It is highly adaptable with a convenient kickstand for when not in use. The 14″ inch wheel makes for a fun ride, overcoming everyday obstacles and able to handle rough terrain.

At Oakham Mobility & Healthcare we have a large range of manual wheelchair power add-ons, with options for size, power, and controls. This new area in powered mobility offers something for everyone. Also check out the Invacare Alber e-pilot and the Triride for more options.

Power add-ons for manual wheelchairs offer a whole new take on powered mobility




Fits most manual wheelchairs




Use in town & countryside


Compact & easy to use

Klaxon Klick Electric

The entry model of the Klaxon Klick Electric Range.

The Klaxon range includes options for bigger batteries with the Power range, Comfort Drive System (accelerator and brake activated through push and pull movement) with the Tetra range. For more power, the Klick Electric Race and Klick Electric Monster have a 48v 1000w brushless motor.

Klick Electric Tetra Power

With Comfort Drive System and bigger batteries

Klick Electric Race

Sleek and powerful with a 48v 1000w motor

Klick Electric Monster

Powerful rough terrain model with bigger wheel

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Your Self Propelled Wheelchair

Klaxon Klick Electric

Technical info

Material Aluminium
Motor 36V x 370W Brushless
Wheel 14” smooth tyre tread
Display Multifunction LCD, 5 speed settings
Battery Lithium 36V x 5,8Ah (weight 1,3 Kg)
Handlebar Aluminium, adjustable in height, depth and angle
Brakes Disk brakes 160 mm
Maximum dimensions W 50 cm x H 90 cm x D 40 cm
Connection KLICK Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patent)
Weight 7,9 Kg (battery excluded)
Range About 25 km (speed setting 1, level ground)
Included accessories Battery 5,8 Ah with battery charger, reverse gear, LCD display, bell, kickstand, splashguard, complete KLICK Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patent)

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